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all. in india gold is available in. joy to be able to be a movie that's a great way to go to the grand imperial. george weston. so told.
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saddam did to go. to the colonel was virtually a retreat. thousands have gathered a zero demanding the resignation of prime minister benjamin netanyahu in protests which some observers say mirrored the demonstrations which have swept the arab world they scare. the country it is growing very corrupt george look at the bombardier. another plan to resort to resolve the us debt crisis and prevent default falls apart and the republican controlled house of representatives and the democrats fail as truesdale deadline looms even closer. and the trans gathering in a stony to celebrate the nazi party called is outraged with anti french response to it saying aloud such events could lead to more outrages like the massacre in norway of that of the.
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international news life or this is the with me you'll probably thanks for joining as israel has become the latest middle east country to see nationwide antigovernment protests with tens of thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets in seven cities police have arrested several actually is blocking roads in the center of tel aviv calling for prime minister binyamin netanyahu to quit other government policies. reports now from the city where the biggest rally took place. well these easily a hundred and fifty thousand people here with the most popular chant being we demand a social justice a whole new way of speakers have been taking to the stage they've been calling on unity and message coming across very strongly is one by one people here can bring change a lot of criticism being leveled at israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu in fact every time his name is mentioned he is good why are you here tonight and i'm here
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because it's just becoming a possible to live in this country anymore we work we give and we give and we keep on giving and there's no end to it as this is so close to ours this is our only hope we have to change those because we don't have any other choice which is a people who have been inspired by the demonstrations taking place in their full observance of us or what is your sign saying the rewards are going to go home but you guys are leaders on earth why do you want him to go home. to do laundry to the fullest and how much of these demonstrations i mean inspired by the protests we saw taking place in arab world well i think there's a lot of influence of what happened in the ground and now syria levanon and what you see in libya also there's a lot of influence of those and that's when people understand i do have the power that they can they can organize but instead they don't need any more the government to tell them what to do they can start telling the government what they want. to do
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you know they can they can start deciding for themselves take the power back to you so they sent is the spirit of revolution here a number of israeli populace some singers have also been taking to the stage and one song that was sung you had the chorus and i'm translating this is the new middle east we created the storm the future is up to us. and tell it as they stacked mr noir any more yellow says there's really government way try to engineer trouble to justify dispersing the crowd. the government sending people here to make provocation in order to find a reason to take this demonstration to a violent situation to give him a cause to clear this whole thing out we're not going to let them do that the or this will continue that's for sure it took sixty years to people to actually get out of the couch and come and demonstrate for social issues we haven't done it before now what we have here it's
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a mystery this will be remembered in history because the israelis used to be. bad to the situation if the government won't listen to the sound of the people the government will fall that's basically it we can take the government send them home and stop one of the protest leaders things the israeli government desperate to quell the protests may even try to begin a new rule to divert attention from problems at. well you can see it at the now is under big pressure here wasn't prepared for some kind of movement at the moment actually our biggest fear is that not only our being so afraid of what's going to happen we'll start a war somewhere. because the situation in israel where used to be part of the big war zone where no well if you talk about the way we live because we're always there pressure we are always under threat and that's what people want to change now they want to say ok so there are right and we are in
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a very very big problem with the countries around us and with the palestinians but still there are things that we have to solve and the situation was out of this road also related to what happened here between our between our citizens and of course our correspondent in israel paula see it will be updating us on developments in tel aviv and for the very latest you can follow us on twitter at underscore combe where she is posting her call there and her latest tweet saying the demonstrators have been chanting that israel is a police state and security forces moved to arrest several demonstrators. on yahoo to step down others have been linking him to oust the egyptian dictator hosni mubarak t.v. so keep up to date plenty of tweets on nothing news and stories of love on to our t.v. underscore. moving on now the latest eleventh hour ten thirty u.s. default has failed with republicans rejecting a card bill by democrats washington remains in deep deadlock with
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a decision needed by tuesday to extend the nation's debt ceiling and allow the government more money to keep growing and economies to mark's fried wolf says all the proposals on the table are simply pushing of the worst outcome. less than two business days away from the worst souls imposed crisis of america's standing in the world and america's credit rating and at least a century it's a fairly emergency situation that we're. deep into the eleventh bordering on the twelfth hour the debt reduction plan that president obama has endorsed at least rhetorically that comes out of harry reid and the democratic majority in the u.s. senate does make massive cuts in spending more than two point five trillion dollars over ten years so more than two hundred fifty billion dollars a year does no increase in revenue at all which was one of the early if i think somewhat unwise demands of the republicans in these negotiations and therefore is possible is actually does more to reduce the deficit and the debt in the united
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states over the next ten years than the rival republican house plan the cut cap and balance plan and so it's possible that that could be pushed through none of these plans make real efforts to reduce the long term problem of insufficient revenue and these plans do reduce spending in ways that will be painful and for many communities in the united states transformative but it's worthy of note and somehow hasn't much been mentioned that not a single plan out there reduces the national debt they just change the speed by which it grows. so one team from the u.s. based transgenic believes the u.s. government that represents only the neat is adequate to deal with i will well mean prominent. the country is going bankrupt just look at the numbers the numbers don't lie the politicians let's look at the big picture first of all the devaluing the dollar and we've been saying it all along gold in the last month has gained one hundred fifteen dollars an ounce the dollar's crashing against
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this was another currency you can see what's going on and let's look at the bigger picture what they're not talking about in all this deficit reduction hey how about the military budget how about slashing foreign aid fifty seven billion dollars a year how about companies like general electric that made fourteen billion dollars last year paying no taxes look there's plenty of room out there to start raining this thing in and turning it around we do not have a representative form of government that's only for a little kiddies to believe we have a government that represents all of the very powerful and the very rich and that's all this is about letting them keeping their perks and they seem to proud when we hit the streets of the big apple to ask americans what they think the debt drama. wonder how they ever get anything done in israel or in italy or any place where
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they have multi forty two port is to an airport is if you do the t.v. and we can't get anything done sometimes it takes a while to bad things really are that they keep on saying the american people want this america deal with this but i don't think anybody really what they really want . in a stand yes-s. veterans a new nonces a holding that they've got that with the support of the local authorities who on the other hand have hampered and i want. that to happen if i. see. we're here in this town a cinema for the annual gathering of the versions of the waffen s.s. now the event has attracted widespread criticism of the is being seen to glorify nazi as the authorities here in a heavily criticized for being seen not only to condone this talk but for having
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made it increasingly difficult over the years for those who oppose this. case to rally now the anti fascist movement hold a rally very nearby at the same time this is going on and as we said in recent years we've seen people coming from latvia from is the way in years in finland they've been detained at the borders and not be able to enter and take part again today coming in a lot of the people who are involved in the anti fascist movement rally that's happening nearby have been stopped and questioned by police we know that the head of the anti fascist finnish organization was actually detained last night at the pool. and he wasn't allowed to leave the base i was. told or have remained true to the country and of course didn't want to any kind of other opinions than their own opinion which is very very much supported this is. russia since two thousand and five has been introducing draft legislation to the
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u.n. condemning the glorification of nazi isn't we've seen a number of countries get on board with this but there have been some that haven't events like this that have got the government support here in a stone year certainly cause a lot of anger and at the very least is seen as being morally and politically insensitive and activists and from the finnish and a fascist that supporting such violence may lead to more tragedy similar to the mass killing rampage in norway by a fine right extremist. they're outrageous that the that is the new prime minister is not only in the all but in support the meat and european union have been so loved and weak the only ones who can do it when you can all meet their leader in the shell all these are right wing extremism which is the right thing now you are not and you are all like you know rabid freak is one funny example of the. so i don't meetings of nasa veterans have become a new tradition in the baltic states boxing last year by
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a court decision international critics say it's an attempt to rewrite the history of world war two commemorating those who fought with hitler and back in two thousand and seven they stone your authority has removed a monument to soviet soldiers who liberated the country from nazi occupation a move which sparked violent protests. and you can find out more world war two history on our new documentary channel it's called r t d a collection of original accounts of investigations and other footage from the time brings you these stories of the bloodiest conflict in history and the suffering of those who lived and died through it so to all t d r t dog home to find out all.
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illegal journalism a lot of p.r. there the cricket and findings of recent media surveys in the newspapers across the country close the p.r. machine is rushing to fill the vacuum christine freezone has been finding out what it may mean for american society. it is the end of the first of all the additional intelligence or newspapers like the seattle post intelligencer the rocky mountain news and hundreds more have now become relics from the past.
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slash budgets have stopped the presses at newsrooms nationwide. and nast layoffs throughout media have meant far fewer journalists to investigate policy and procedure who are losing their sense of accountability in government and business in all our. life lives if we lose journalists who aren't asking questions about what's going on the numbers particularly dramatic with newspapers where revenue has been cut nearly in half while the journalism industry is shrinking the public relations industry is expanding at one time a one to one ratio between p.r. employees and journalists today that ratio is four to one with p.r. revenues jumping from three point five billion to eight point seven billion dollars journalists are simply overwhelmed by folks who are trying to spin them or trying to create their own story you have the public relations folks the spin doctors if
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you will driving the news cycle john nichols along with robert mckee has me wrote a book about it the death and life of american journalism in a sense we are becoming one of the most propagandized countries in the world short staffed news stations often use company video news releases or vienne ours like this one if you have x. about chances are the first are going to fill it up because they need to apply p.r. disguised as news the new treatment is called mimics press releases also often read on the air or posted on the web before any fact checking is done with the focus often on getting it first rather than getting it right good evening everybody breaking news tonight but we are putting into our program with some breaking news where corporate and government pay our departments are filled with former journalists who know how to sell their message they understood how media worked what. reporters thought of as
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a good story as opposed to hype butch ward worked for nearly twenty years as a journalist with the philadelphia inquirer but after layoffs he left to work for health insurer independent blue cross before returning to work as a journalist that revolving door between the press and p.r. the press and governor. it's causing real concern about what the long term effects could be if the influx of spin doctors take over the message machine completely where there is very little journalism be done in an awfully lot of spin you create some dangerous circumstances for citizenry for democracy itself i'll go straight to questions white house spokesman jay carney worked for twenty years as a journalist for time magazine now he's president obama's spokes person former broadcaster and columnist tony snow went on to serve as a spokesperson for president bush and jamie rubin went from the state department under president clinton to executive editor at bloomberg news so common such as
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a common practice and no one else no one is questioning or in a time when how can flag are all things one in the same and the spin machine works overtime as the printing presses come to a halt the question becomes can him even full force the state actually survive. in washington christine for our. and for coverage of our top stories is available twenty four seven at home always a wide variety of content that's at the moral to these stories the spirit nobody who derives in central russia instead of burdening. the breadline thieves they need somebody and another to say she should use the money to help us out also. an amazing tale of love and devil teeth a male sworn to have money to his own county. the mother so from there on they think oh god is success and of course. local to.
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radical recent legislation in india to provide free and compulsory education for all children between six and fourteen have been welcomed by educational it's about the country's social divisions are getting in the way with some not wanting integration of children from different backgrounds in the classroom priya sridhar reports. it's dawn in india's capital city of new delhi an eight year old cushy just getting ready for school while there are nearly two hundred million elementary school children like coaching in india only half that number ever complete the eighth grade most end up leaving school to help their parents with domestic work or to get a job to bring in some extra money made but i haven't studied much that's why i
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want to educate my children after growing pressure to address the educational disparities in india the government passed an act making it mandatory for all children between the ages of six and fourteen to get a free education even requires elite private schools with tuitions nearing five hundred dollars per month to grant a quarter of their seats to students from disadvantaged backgrounds like cushy today there are just as many schools where students have to pay a choice unlike this one as there are free schools that are funded by the government according to the act it's up to the parents to decide where they know their names to school that means a student like question can attend an elite private school if she enters that wins the lottery and gets into the twenty five percent quota it also means that if government workers are able to identify and successfully enroll this is the one that are attending not just schools like the ones pushing attendance now could get overcrowded but the idea of free schooling in india has its opponents while the
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teachers want to see their students succeed they believe that integrating indian children from a lower class into a private school would not be practical. these elite schools have a very high standard only julian whose parents are educated can study in schools like these schools want to maintain their high standards in reputation one of them . it's a position supported by the well off members of indian society the school is not meant for them. it's meant for the. people in. the getting elected in the sense that he comes from. his. believe it is a what they were there. were bringing him in that sort of fit into i mean so he would have trouble getting assimilated in spite of the mixed reception the integration model received for children like cushy education is simply about accomplishing her dreams i want to study to the twelfth grade ten become a teacher. but it's
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a dream that may just fall through the gap of india's socio economic divide i preassure either r.t. new delhi india. and returning to one of our top stories the u.s. debt ceiling deadlock with d.-day fast approaching on tuesday and our resident reporter in new york lower half and it has been finding out well the us on the streets of the big apple and if people feel financial doomsday is around the corner . with the looming debt crisis the u.s. is watching the clock tick down to an economic armageddon what does that even mean that this week let's talk about that they keep setting dates over and over again and nothing happened just part of the negotiation process i think so it's idle threat. i believe so do you expect more from the people you like. neither party is going to let this actually happen where they would let it expire
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and then the united states would go into default i don't think that's going to happen i think that's a bluff but i think what actually is at hand is for real and they're they're using it as leverage to push their respective issues but i think americans if i'm speaking for myself as an american are sick of it or they do represent a few boards that they think are there of representing but i don't i think they keep on saying the american people want this america be one does but i don't think anybody really what they really want what do you want i will compromise right now the drama right now is largely contrived there is a debt crisis but will make it through and you know will pay the bills and things will be fine so all this drama i think is just making people crazy why are they doing that now i mean we raise the debt ceiling every year why is this drama unfolding right now well it's largely political because the upcoming election you know it's a good thing it's finally happening i think the people are speaking up. and hopefully will get our way but sometimes it takes
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a while to bad things really are i mean nobody is given any ground of so you know you logged before for many many years and this is absolutely truly amazing and makes me wonder how they ever get anything done in israel or in italy or any place where they have multi parties i mean we go to parties to an airport for the tea and we can't get anything done it's utterly embarrass amish will be ashamed of themselves no matter what happens with the u.s. debt crisis the bottom line is we're bound to see a lot more pasturing from all the politicians involved. at least one person has drowned and eight has still missing after a private charter boat collided with a barge and sank in the moscow river close to the city center sixteen men and women on board are believed to include americans and russians six were rescued from the little one making it to the shore this small vessel sank quickly after hitting the
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barge close to the olympic stadium at around one am local time emergency teams and divers are searching for those missing investigations are focusing on possible technical problems on the management of that sunken craft which comes just weeks after the pleasure ship bulgaria sign called the volga river in central russia killing one hundred twenty two. more stories from across the world we're covering for you this hour nature of the slayings have borne to three state t.v. satellite transmitters in the libyan capital tripoli but have failed to take the station off the air their lines claimed that time was in accordance with the u.n. resolution in seeking to protect people from government oppression through the media that time enraged t.v. employees who say they're not legitimate military targets nato has complained in libya which started four months ago has claimed hundreds of civilian lives according to government officials in tripoli. and the miraculous story from latin america with in the person just surviving after their plane broken hard after
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crashing on landing in guyana the boeing seven three seven carrying one hundred sixty three people on board was flying from new york. sliding off what runway passengers were injured with only three seriously with most on board walking away shaken but otherwise unhurt. and staying with aviation pilots of small planes in russia has long been grounded by an unimaginable amount of paperwork but a recently adopted law hopes to clear the runway for more frequent flights however many obstacles remain before is the golden age for russia's small aviation enthusiasts as dennys by those kicks planes. dozens of pilots swinging their way across russia for the second annual cuban air show the most small aircraft enthusiastic supporter fiction's to meet other pilots and to enjoy the beautiful southern scenery or for those who took us almost eight hours to get them to deal with the abuse with one term sticking in the event burlesque to russia to
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a new war for small aircraft pilots it sounds very promising abolishing much of the preflight paperwork letting the pilots use new airfields and generally adopting international flight rules it's a dream for any plane owner in russia however not all of the old restrictions were lifted back in the soviet times you actually had to have all this paperwork with you during the flight now the rules have changed but there are still some third and sometimes even absurd requirements for the pilots of small planes for instance even if the pilot and the mechanic in the same berth and you know has the main pain ridden with to come and a phone from one to another the new regulations allow the so-called notification vote instead of asking for permission for takeoff from the authorities in theory the pilots can now use the internet for air traffic control of their plans but in reality it rarely works. as you can see there are many fitbit in all restricted zones around moscow so it's impossible for us to use notification mode anywhere
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within a two hundred kilometer radius of the capital even with the new law dozens of government organizations issue all sorts of contradictory instructions for pilots it's a major disincentive for pilots to make the effort to take to the skies and that means that russia is missing out of the potential pot of gold will some countries like the u.s. get doings of dollars for a small aircraft fees and taxes russia doesn't get a cent of service with their current regulations are in chaos is alive and in that mess we're losing around a long one hundred billion rubles and your your if you're on the cover of earth. whether many pilots like the team that worked at this year's school air show are up to mystic about fighting the real chrissie no longer when you watch the my link you my the new year was just the first time he stepped through the rest of the goods ahead of us but eventually we will learn to fly again russia's small aviation enthusiasts feel the bureaucracy has served only to clip their weeks now holds
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a high of seeing blue sky on the horizon did a small ski r.t.d. cross the reach of. europe today i'll be back with the headlines in a couple of minutes thank you.


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